Leak Testing PT-LT Leak Testing PT-LT

Leak Testing
Model : PT-LT
Pharmatest - Germany

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Leak Testing PT-LT

  • Leak Testing
    Model : PT-LT
    Pharmatest - Germany

Đặc tính nổi bật


  • Test the integrity of strips, blisters and bottles
  • Large 16 x 2cm LCD shows vacuum and electronic countdown timer
  • Enter all test parameters such as date, time, user ID and sample ID
  • of samples and batch number can be set via the keypad
  • Set vacuum and trip vacuum can be set via the keypad
  • Built-in rugged, oil-free vacuum pump
  • Automatic slow vacuum release from the desiccators
  • Printer port for parallel dot-matrix printers
  • Automated print-out of test report

Tính năng kỹ thuật

Technical Specifications

Parameter Specification
Vacuum Level > 650mmHg
Vacuum Setting Vacuum can stabilize for a set value from:

»         Less than 400mmHg:               ± 10mmHg within 30 seconds

»         Above 400mmHg:                     ± 5mmHg within 30 seconds

Display Large 160 x 20 mm LCD
Data Entry Function key
Timer Can be set from 1 to 99 minutes
Desiccator Sizes 380mm, 250mm, 200mm or 150mm Ø (optional)
Printer Parallel port for dot-matrix printers
Power Nominal 220 – 240V
Instrument dimensions Approx. 360 x 250 x 240 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Net weight Approx. 14.5 kg
Certification All components certified to USP / EP requirements
CE / EMC Certification All CE / EMC Certification provided
Validation All IQ & OQ documents included

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