Soxtec™ (2 products)

ST 243 & 255 Soxtec™

Semi-automated solvent extraction units

The ST Soxtec series from the semi-automated Labtec Line is a solvent extraction system for fast and safe determination of soluble material in food, feed, soil, polymers, paper pulp, textiles etc. Typically five times faster than classical Soxhlet equipment, Soxtec™ systems provide rapid analysis with absolutely no loss in precision or accuracy.

ST 243 Soxtec™

ST 255 Soxtec™

Thimble size 26 x 60 mm thimble
(30 ml)
33 x 80 mm thimble
(65 ml)
Sample positions 6 6

Soxtec™ 8000

Fully automated solvent extraction unit using Soxhlet method

The Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit is a fully automated system for fast and safe extraction of soluble matter from a wide range of matrices. It performs the four extraction steps boiling, rinsing, solvent recovery and auto-shut down, fully unattended. Just load, start and walk away. The Soxtec™ 8000 is specially designed to ensure the highest possible throughput and safety.

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