MilkoScanTM (6 products)

MilkoScan™ FT1 - Milk analysis using FTIR

Security screening of milk in 30 seconds with FTIR technology

Building on the well proven FTIR analytical technology behind the renowned MilkoScan™ FT120, the MilkoScan™ FT1 offers the very latest in liquid milk testing. The MilkoScan™ FT1 analyses the main product components in milk as well as screening for milk abnormalities - all at once. The analysis results can be used for payment, securing the safety of raw material, calculating the mass balance for standardizations purposes and verifying end products.

MilkoScan™ Mars Milk Analyzer

The First MilkoScan for Everyone

MilkoScan Mars is a new milk analyzer that helps you to avoid slow and labor-intensive traditional testing methods and improves your ability to spot deliberate or accidental adulteration of the milk supply. It allows you to control and standardize milk or cream products for optimal use of raw material and consistent quality products.

MilkoScan™ FT+

The future of milk testing and herd improvement

The MilkoScan™ FT+ is a high capacity, fully automatic milk analyser (IDF and AOAC compliant) for payment and dairy herd improvement analysis. It delivers fast, reliable and accurate raw milk testing with a range of new options such as healthy milk profiling, free fatty acid, urea or casein analysis.

FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser

FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser

MilkoScan™ FT2

MilkoScan™ FT2 – advanced milk analysis for profitable dairy production

The MilkoScan™ FT2 infrared milk analyser builds on the key benefits of the MilkoScan™ family of instruments with advanced features and functionality. It is designed for both the laboratory and the production environment. A powerful flow system can pump a variety of sample types including some viscous samples undiluted.  New software features improve both daily operations and traceability and provide new opportunities to test milk for adulteration.

Bacteria analysis in raw milk - BactoScan™ FC+

Bacteria analysis with BactoScan™ - An uncompromising approach to milk analysis

Based on the measurement of Individual Bacteria Count (IBC),
BactoScan™ FC+ gives an accurate determination of the hygienic quality of raw milk with a capacity of testing up to 200 samples per hour. The FDA/NCIMS accepted method delivers results in minutes, allowing farmers, milk testing laboratories and dairies to take action to preserve and enhance hygienic quality of the milk supply. Supported by a dedicated Foss IntegratorTM software, which provides a wide range of quality assurance and GLP features. Foss Integrator shares the same interface for all CMT instruments.

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